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Considering getting a divorce? You have probably heard tales from family and colleagues regarding what takes place in divorce proceedings in Illinois. Regrettably, although they’re well-intentioned, several of the tales they relay are greatly outdated or downright false. Rather than rely on myths, get your facts from experienced Belleville divorce attorneys.


Common Myths About Illinois Divorce Proceedings

The divorce statutes of Illinois have undergone a significant amount of change in the last several years, particularly in regard to divorce proceedings. Even if the information provided by friends, family, and colleagues is based on facts and their own experiences, it is less likely to hold true in your case. Here’s a summary of common myths about divorce, and the reality of what you can expect.


Myth #1: You must have grounds for a divorce.

Previously, divorces in Illinois were filed on the basis of fault grounds, such as adultery, abandonment, and abuse. Even prior to recent changes, there was still the option of getting a simplified, ‘no-fault’ divorce. Illinois residents seeking a divorce can now file for a no-fault divorce. No-fault divorces are granted based on irreconcilable differences and the court does not consider who is at fault for the separation.


Myth # 2: Both parties must agree to get a divorce

Some people believe that both parties must agree to get divorced. The fact is that when filing a divorce petition through the St. Clair County Court or in other jurisdictions, you can obtain a divorce decree, even if your spouse doesn’t agree to it or refuses to take part in the proceedings. In fact, they can be penalized for not responding to it, resulting in a more positive outcome in your case.


Myth # 3: You can lose everything in a divorce.

This is not accurate. You have the right to a fair portion of all property and assets you earn, gain, or otherwise become possessed of during the course of your marriage, whether those assets are titled individually, jointly, or in some other way. This includes properties, vehicles, personal belongings, cash in bank accounts, and your spouse’s retirement package.


Myth # 4: You can save money by not hiring a divorce attorney.

While a do-it-yourself divorce is possible, it can be more expensive in the long run. Our Illinois divorce attorneys will ensure that your legal documents are filed accurately and that you receive the maximum allowable amount in any settlements.


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