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Wilson, Dabler & Associates, once again this year, sponsored the brunch held on Saturday, May 20, 2023, for the High School Exhibit at Art on the Square in Belleville.  This year was the 21st Annual Art on the Square which was held the weekend of May 19-21, 2023.  This Art event sponsors over one hundred artists every year and brings thousands of people from all over the region to Belleville.    The brunch is held every Saturday morning of the AOTS weekend and the artists use the brunch time to view all the high school artists’ exhibits and vote on them for the awards, which include scholarships and other monetary awards.  Wilson, Dabler & Associates is proud to be a part of this wonderful community event and especially excited to support the young artists in our community high schools.

Wilson, Dabler & Associates believes in the power of supporting young talent and fostering creativity. With a keen eye for budding artists, our team eagerly anticipates attending the annual Art on the Square brunch to witness firsthand the astounding talent displayed by high school students from across Belleville.

The high school artist exhibits are nothing short of remarkable. From intricate sketches and captivating paintings to innovative sculptures and mesmerizing digital art, these talented individuals leave us awestruck year after year. And it is during this special morning event that they gather together, nervously awaiting recognition for their hard work.

As seasoned artists mingle with aspiring ones over cups of coffee and delectable pastries, conversations flow effortlessly. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as experienced artists share invaluable advice while admiring the unique perspectives brought forth by their younger counterparts. It is through events like these that raw talent finds its voice in a supportive community.

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