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Divorce Mediation in Belleville, IllinoisWhen you hear about a “messy divorce,” what comes to mind? Is it a picture of months in the courtroom and numerous parking lot arguments? Maybe it looks more like awful phone calls and Facebook messages from upset in-laws. Whatever form of “messy divorce” you seek to avoid, divorce mediation can help. Wilson, Dabler & Associates, LLC provide Divorce Mediation in Belleville, IL.

Understanding the factors which can make a divorce messy in the first place offers valuable perspective in keeping a divorce civil, and a divorce mediator can facilitate this. We’ll look at some areas that can contribute to a “disaster-divorce,” and the helpful ways available to avoid them through divorce mediation.

1. Don’t View Divorce As A Failure

It is important to try not to view your divorce as not a step back, but a step forward. One aspect of a divorce is the feelings of failure that either spouse may feel when a marriage doesn’t work out. It is hard to be so certain about something, only to be proven wrong in the end. This can be especially difficult if we were warned against doing so in the first place.  Although a divorce can be unpleasant, it ultimately is working in favor of your future. Don’t let feelings of failure or shame carry over into the divorce proceedings unknowingly and create unnecessary problems and obstacles preventing you from moving forward in a healthy way.

2. Properly Prioritize

One area where divorce mediation in excels is when it comes time to form a divorce agreement. By incorporating the help of a divorce mediator, a divorcing couple can ease the process of determining child custody, dividing marital assets, and moving on with their lives. Mediated conversations offer insight into what each party prioritizes in the divorce without losing sight of the task at hand. By understanding each other’s main objectives in the divorce, you can recognize areas that your significant-other-for-now might be more protective of, and identify the tougher conversations to come. As divorce mediators in Belleville, IL, Wilson, Dabler & Associates, LLC has the experience to guide you and your partner through the various parts of the process to be sure all aspects of your divorce are addressed and resolved.

3. Private Problem-Solving

Belleville Illinois Divorce MediationAnother particularly advantageous aspect of divorce mediation? Privacy. By working with Wilson, Dabler & Associates, LLC, family law mediators located in Belleville, Illinois, you can avoid “airing out dirty laundry” in front of the courtroom. Working with your mediator allows for you and your divorcing spouse to converse privately and out of public scrutiny. Furthermore, your divorce mediator serves as a neutral party, keeping the discussion on track from the privacy of our offices or conference rooms.  Removing an audience can help divorcing couples more comfortable discuss their terms without interruption, and if you have children, can save them from the ugly memories.

4. Manage Costs

It is easy to push a divorce off, creating compounding problems and increased resentment. After all, divorce can get expensive. The cost of divorce increases as long as both parties can’t come to agreements on the various issues. Property divisions and child custody issues tend to make the monetary, emotional and opportunity costs even higher.  If you and your separating partner can come to a quick agreement on your divorce terms, the cost can be just a fraction of a traditional divorce.

Even in more complicated arrangements involving child custody or property divisions, the cost can work out to be less by using divorce mediation. Since an hourly rate is often used, every bit you pay for comes with valuable guidance from a divorce mediation professional. Divorce Mediation can help you communicate directly, keeping costs down and often times providing a resolution that both parties are satisfied with. Plus, because divorce mediation is based on communication and resolution, it creates a starting point of better communication going forward.

5. Weigh Your Options

Since no two divorces are the same, a solution unique to your situation can be found through divorce mediation. We have seen an uptick in couples opting for divorce mediation for this very reason. By working with a divorce mediation lawyer who can offer some common approaches to the divorce process, a divorcing couple can isolate a more appealing path to resolution from less palatable options.

Furthermore, a divorce mediator can draft the agreement and prepare it for review by either party or a divorce lawyer. If you are seeking a divorce mediator around Belleville, Illinois, or have any questions or concerns about the process, consult with one of our family law attorneys in Belleville, Illinois. We at Wilson, Dabler & Associates, LLC are available as a valuable tool for couples trying to peaceably move on with their lives.

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