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A Divorce Attorney in Belleville, IL Explains Adjusting Your Insurance

Auto Insurance and DivorceDivorce carries with it many legal and logistical issues. There may be property to divide, child custody to decide on and financial arrangements to be made. One issue that is commonly overlooked, however, is insurance.

Even though it may feel as though you have enough to contend with right now, don’t put off making these key insurance policy changes to protect your future.

Health Insurance

If you are currently on your spouse’s health insurance policy, or you carry your spouse on a policy through your employer, then this must end once the divorce is finalized either through divorce mediation or attorney. An article in Forbes points out that it’s best to be proactive and consider your options now so that you don’t experience a gap in health insurance coverage.

If your spouse is the policyholder, then you must find your own policy. If you want to stay on your current plan, you can elect to purchase a COBRA plan. A COBRA plan allows you to keep coverage through your ex-spouse’s plan for up to 36 months. If you choose this route, you are responsible for making payments and you should find a different plan before the allotted time expires.

Other health insurance options include signing up for a plan through your employer or buying a plan through the health insurance marketplace. If you are the spouse carrying the policy, you may need to include this arrangement as part of the divorce process. It is best to discuss how to proceed with your divorce attorney.

Home And Auto Insurance

In some cases, the home is sold as part of the divorce. However, if one person remains in the home, the insurance policy should be in his or her name. If it is currently in your name and you will no longer reside there, transfer it to your ex-spouse.

This is the same with auto insurance. If both parties are currently on the same policy, this needs to be separated once the divorce is final. Each person should only be listed for the vehicle he or she is keeping after the divorce. If there are teen drivers in your household, check with the insurance company and your lawyer to determine if they should be on one or both parents’ policies.

Additional Insurance Policies

There are also many other optional insurance policies that you may need to address with your ex-spouse, including disability or life insurance policies. Inform your divorce attorney of all the policies that you carry to ensure you will be fully protected before and after divorce.

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