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Divorce Mediation and How it Can Help With Co-Parenting

Divorce mediation for co-parenting solution.Mediation is a very useful tool when it comes to working out a divorce settlement and child custody. If you and your-soon-to-be ex-husband both want a divorce without a lengthy court battle, mediation might be your best option. At our office of family law in Belleville, IL mediation is often discussed with couples approaching a divorce.  Not only will it help the two of you work toward a fair property division, including how you will handle your house in Belleville, but you can create a parenting plan for your children.

When couples choose to use mediation to reach a custody agreement, they do so knowing that the focus of the process will be on what is best for the children. Read further to find out more about mediation.

Divorce Mediation as Collaborative Process

In general, mediation is a collaborative process that allows two parties to work toward an agreement that is acceptable to both. In terms of child custody mediation, the goal is to work out a plan that is in the best interests of your children.

Mediation Lessens The Negative Impact of Divorce

Divorce and custody litigation can be just as hard on children as it is on the couple involved. Even if you do not intend for it to happen, your children can still get caught in the middle. This may cause them to feel like they have to choose sides. Mediation can allow you to focus on the children’s needs so that the both of you can create a parenting plan that allows you to remain active participants in their lives.

Divorce Mediators are Neutral

In order for divorce mediation to work, the mediator must be neutral. The mediator will help you stay on track if past arguments or negative emotions start to come to the surface during a mediation session. The process might also show you that it is possible for you and your ex to still work together. It also provides a safe environment where blame and finger-pointing are not welcome.

If you and your spouse are looking for a less-contentious way to end your marriage, then divorce mediation might be the solution you need. Through the mediation process, the two of you can work toward a settlement and custody arrangement that is fair to both of you and beneficial to your children.

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