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Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. are family law lawyers solely committed to helping families facing divorce reach the agreements that will frame their future as positively as possible. We help Illinois families from all walks of life dissolve their marital partnerships and move on with their lives in such a way that all involved, especially children, are able to prosper.

We can help you move on in the best possible way from filing for divorce, through negotiating child custody and support, deciding on support alimony, military divorce and any other issues that might come up in routine or complex divorce cases.

Our family law firm has years of experience working with military families and sorting through the additional factors that play into military divorce. For decades, we’ve earned the trust and the recommendation of couples going through divorce in Belleville, Il and in the surrounding areas, including those stationed at Scott Air Force Base.

Mediation, Divorce and Family Law in Belleville, IL

Family Law Lawyers Who Combine Compassion with Toughness

We know that ending a marriage is a situation that all family members handle in their own way. In many cases couples have simply arrived at the more less mutual realization that their destinies lie along different paths.

Although it might be wishful thinking to say that the majority of divorces are between two individuals simply wishing each other the best and moving on, we do see it happen. And we’re happy to be involved when we as mediators can assist couples reach mutual decisions and separate in a positive manner especially when children are involved. Everyone knows by now that studies show positive, even if separate, co-parenting is always in the best interest of the child.

But as experienced family law attorneys we also understand that breaking up is hard to do. We know that sometimes an inability or unwillingness on one or both sides to communicate, to treat each other with respect and to get beyond fear and vulnerability mean that firmness is required.

As your divorce attorney, in these cases we will fight for the necessities and security, if not the respect, that our clients deserve and need to live their lives going forward. Even if your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is unwilling to grant you the respect of peacefully going your separate ways, we will empower you, advise you and represent your best interests and the best interests of your children.

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with any family law matter from prenuptial agreements to custody agreements to putting and end to domestic violence. We are experienced with all phases of legal separation or divorce, and have been serving Belleville families for decades.

DUI Lawyer and Probate and Estate Law in Belleville, IL

Though we do not handle criminal defense law, we can help with your DUI, Traffic Law or Probate and Estate Law issues.

Feel free to drop by our law office located in Downtown Belleville, Illinois. We’re conveniently located just blocks from the St Clair County Courthouse, just 15 minutes from St Louis and Scott Air Force Base. Call Wilson, Dabler & Associates LLC, to discuss your family law case or other legal issues with Belleville’s most trusted family lawyers: 618-235-1600

Family Law Attorneys’ Guide to Child Support and Child Custody

Child Custody, now known as Parental Responsibility Allocation, and child support prove consistently to be the most difficult obstacles of divorce for many couples.

With emotions running high, it is difficult to keep the best interests of the children at the forefront. It is important for you and your spouse to have representation that is focused on delivering the children through this separation as cleanly as possible. It’s important to hire an attorney who understands and shares your belief that the children are the priority throughout this process.

Through mediation services and litigation if necessary, we will help you fight to ensure that your children are protected and provided for in the fairest and best possible manner.

Best Divorce Lawyer in Belleville, IL

Going through a divorce or family mediation services is by definition never easy, but we’re proud that according to our client recommendations, we’re considered among the best divorce lawyer in Belleville, IL.

Our family law attorneys can help you with:

We can also assist couples seeking to dissolve a civil union. We keep ourselves current on recent developments in the law and can help you dissolve a union in a way that best suits your needs, both now and in the long term.

For a consultation with our Belleville-area divorce lawyers, please contact the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. at 618-235-1600.

Now that you and your partner have decided to part ways, it is important that you are aware of potential pitfalls that could cripple you and your children in the future. The decisions you make and the agreements you sign during the divorce will frame the next chapter of your life.

It is important to have skilled legal guidance defending you against potential mistakes or omissions. Let us assist you with navigating a contested or uncontested divorce, fairly dividing marital property and debts and revising estate plans after divorce.

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