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Trusted Divorce Lawyer, Belleville, IL

Learn How A Divorce Lawyer Can HelpAt the Wilson, Dabler & Associates Family Law Firm, serving Belleville, Illinois, we carefully guide you through the divorce process. We treat each client with respect, and handle family law cases and divorce cases in and around the St Louis area, in a personable and complete manner.

As we visit with you, we will discuss your thoughts of where you want to be after the divorce and help create a plan to get you there. Our lawyers will handle the appropriate paperwork for you and will be careful with every detail of your marriage, including division of assets and debts, child custody, visitation, legal separation and other legal issues.

Through each phase of property divisionparenting responsibility allocation and child support issues, we will be at your side, representing your best interests. We have the track record to offer you the complete spectrum of divorce legal representation from filing for divorce through dividing retirement funds and avoiding problems down the road with child custody, non-minor support issues and more.

Some couples attempt to handle their divorce themselves and run the risk of omitting steps needed to secure retirement and estate plans, including the transfer of investments and property rights. We will guide you by following up with the appropriate documents and court orders needed to assure you have the assets you are entitled to at retirement. Without this kind of step-by-step legal aid, you could lose your legal rights to these assets.

Don’t sell your property rights short at the time of the divorce, thinking you’ll be able to obtain them later — often times, you won’t.

We’re Your Trusted Partner Throughout Your Divorce

Divorce can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. There’s a lot to understand and there’s a lot at stake. Wilson, Dabler Law can help you understand the various concepts and terminology important in getting what you and your children need to move forward with your life after divorce.

Below are a few terms and definitions that apply to most couples transitioning through divorce. Click the links to learn more.

Child and Spousal Support: Spousal Support is paid for the benefit of a spouse; child support is paid to meet the needs of any children resulting from the marriage. 

Parental Responsibility Allocation: Allocated parental rights and responsibilities are define how the responsibilities of each parent are divided between each of the parents. This division of responsibilities mean that the assigned parent has the right to control that aspect of a child’s welfare.

Divorce in Belleville, IL: Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Click the link to learn more about various approaches to divorce.

Family Mediation in Belleville, IL: Mediation is the process by which couples can negotiate about future arrangements for children with the help of a neutral third party.

Marital Property Division: Marital Property generally refers to the property acquired by a couple during a marriage. During a divorce this property is divided between the couple.

Non-Minor Support: In Illinois, non-minor support generally concerns the payment of higher education such as college for non-minor children of a marriage after divorce.

Parental Rights: Parental Rights are the explicit and implicit rights of an adult to care for, raise and make decisions for their children. Learn more by clicking the link.

Probate and Estate Revisions: Wilson, Dabler & Associates can help you with probate and estate revisions after a divorce or in general. Learn more.

Civil Unions: A civil union is a legal relationship between two people that provides legal protections to the couple only at the state level.

Parenting Time: The term “Parenting Time” often refers to the visitation schedule, which sets the specific dates, times, and locations when the noncustodial parent may see the child. 

A Divorce Attorney Can Help Fairly Divide Marital Property

If you do not carefully divide all of your property during the dissolution process, you may lose it. If you do not address it during the ongoing divorce proceeding or should you not appeal the decree within 30 days of the finalization of your divorce, the courts can no longer address the assets in question. If at that point the assets in question are not divided, you will lose your rights to them forever. This includes retirement accounts and pensions.

To schedule a consultation with our Belleville divorce attorneys, please call the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. at 618-235-1600 or email our office from our Contact Us page. Learn more about the most trusted family law attorneys Belleville IL has to offer.

Guides From A Divorce Lawyer in Belleville, IL

We at Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. provide the following guides and articles to help you better understand divorce law, child custody, child support, contested and uncontested divorces, family mediation and much more. We are known throughout the metro east for our blend of aggressive representation with gentle understanding.

Seeking input from an experienced divorce lawyer in St. Clair County is the first real step in moving on with your life. The following divorce articles will probably help you come up with a list of questions about your specific situation.

We encourage you to read these articles with pen and paper nearby. Collect your thoughts and questions, then call Wilson, Dabler & Associates to schedule your initial visit. We’ll be happy to go over your notes and questions to help you get started on the right foot.

Child and Spousal Support

Parental Responsibility Allocation

Divorce in Belleville, IL

Family Mediation in Belleville, IL 

Marital Property Division

Non-Minor Support

Parental Rights

Probate and Estate Revisions

Civil Unions

Parenting Time

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