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Dividing Property During Divorce

Dividing Marital AssetsWhen there is fluctuation in the economy, a primary issue in marital property division is real estate, which may now be worth a lot more or a lot less than it was originally. At the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C., we are skilled in asset division and can assist you in resolving these kinds of issues.Our lawyers, skilled in the division of marital property, can help you answer these questions and reach an agreement that gets the division of the marital property, including the debt, resolved equitably. This may involve the distribution of proceeds of the sale months or years after the divorce is final. These details need to be decided upon and carefully documented at the time of the divorce to avoid a volatile situation in the coming years.


Crafting Creating Resolutions

We craft creative solutions for the distribution of household items, as well. We help divide the property to make this as painless a process as possible. We handle cases of personal property division, large and small, every day, and we know the creative approaches that will help you separate your personal assets with minimal stress and animosity.

Updating Estate Plans

We also advise our clients in updating their estate and probate plans following the divorce to reflect their new life. Sometimes a divorced spouse forgets to modify essential estate documents and ends up handing over key assets to a former spouse, even though the dissolution decree provides otherwise. Beneficiary clauses on insurance and retirement documents may override the court decree, especially if these assets are governed by federal law, unless they are changed after the divorce is final.

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