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Real Help With Parental Responsibility Allocation

Fathers and Child Support ModificationParental responsibility allocation, which was formerly known as child custody, is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce for most parents. The emotion of all concerned can overwhelm reason, and in the midst of marital property division agreements, the children can become pawns.At the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. in Belleville, we seek to help your family decide on an arrangement that takes into account the best interests of the children, while sheltering them from as much of the turmoil as possible.


Using Mediation

The process of allocating parental responsibility in mediation has greatly helped to streamline these proceedings. An agreement reached by both parents outside of court generally has the best chance of being peaceably honored. Mediation is required by the statute, and therefore, the parties have no choice but to participate. However, the results have been overwhelmingly successful since the inception of the statute.

If mediation does not work, we can ask the court to appoint an attorney to represent the interests of the children, and make a recommendation to the court as to parental responsibility allocation or parenting time. This attorney is called a guardian ad litem. He or she will interview the parties, the children, and often does home visits. The use of this person can give insights to the court that otherwise would not be possible as the judges are unable to go to the homes or conduct interviews of the parties with the children present.

You Have Time Limits For Filing A Parenting Plan

In Illinois, there is limited time to file a parenting plan or you risk leaving the decision over parenting responsibility allocation to the court. Within 120 days of filing a petition related to parenting issues, a proposed parenting plan must be filed with the court, unless extended by the court. In the absence of filing a parenting plan, the court must conduct an evidentiary hearing to allocate parenting responsibilities.

Resolving Disputes Over Parenting Responsibilities

If your disagreement about parenting responsibility allocation does find its way into a courtroom, you can have confidence in our litigation experience. In the courtroom for more than 32 years, attorney Susan Parnell Wilson has the skill and understanding that you need to fight for your rights and your child’s best interests. Both Heather Dabler and Sara Rice have multiple years of litigation experience in family law and criminal law respectively and complete a well rounded staff to handle all your needs in the courtroom.

Making Changes To Parental Responsibility Allocation

Years after a parental responsibility allocation agreement is reached, life situations of one or both parents may change. These changes need to be reflected in the agreement. We skillfully guide parents through the modification process. As the child ages and approaches college, we are highly skilled in non-minor support litigation to help cover higher education expenses and other costs for which the parents seek assistance to pay.

For a consultation to discuss how any of our lawyers can assist you regarding parental responsibility allocation, please contact us today at 888-449-9575.

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