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Divorce and Estate Planning

Wilson Dabler & Associates are here to serve you as Belleville estate planning attorneys and probate attorneys conveniently located in downtown Belleville, IL. We’re trusted by many in the Belleville area and St Louis Metro East to serve in the capacity as estate attorneys, protecting the hard work and legacies of people who have worked hard for and want to protect what they have.

In our capacity as probate and estate lawyers we carefully perform many of the routine duties of estate administration assigned to our firm such as collecting and distributing the proceeds from our clients’ life insurance policies, helping to identify and secure estate assets, securing appraisals of real property, assisting in the payment of bills, working within probate courts to prepare and file documents on behalf of our clients.

Our Belleville law firm also provides probate-related legal services such as: satisfying any debts related to estate or inheritance taxes due, addressing income tax issues, managing estate bank accounts and issuing checks as necessary, faithfully transferring assets to appropriate beneficiaries and making final payments regarding bills and taxes.


Updating Your Estate Plan After Divorce

Probate Lawyer Belleville ILFollowing a divorce, updating and revising your wills and powers of attorney is an important and often overlooked detail. At the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C., we skillfully help clients quickly make the appropriate adjustments to key estate documents to make sure that assets are not lost to the former spouse later. Because we are practicing family law attorneys with many years of experience, we understand the importance of our role as Belleville probate attorneys when it comes to protecting your legacy and ensuring that it goes where you intend it to go.

We will assist you in the review and revisions of these documents.The decisions you make following your divorce can have just as big an impact on your future as the agreements and settlements made during the divorce. Many people neglect to revisit the estate and probate plans they made with their former spouse when times and conditions were different. Now that you have parted ways, your final wishes should reflect those changes.Providing Detailed And Personalized Guidance

Revising those plans often overwhelms people, and they either ignore it or put it off for another day. Estate planning may have been an intimidating process when you first went through it, but we can review your documents to ensure that you are not losing out unnecessarily to estate tax or other pitfalls. We can also give you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are provided for.

Some simple steps to get started revising your plan include:

  • Executing a codicil to a will or rewriting the will entirely
  • Renaming the beneficiaries of life insurance policies and retirement accounts
  • Changing the designated trustee of your children’s trusts

If you are in the Belleville, Illinois area and searching for will lawyers near me, you and your beneficiaries will be satisfied with the work we do on your behalf. We are proud to be among the most highly regarded lawyers serving Belleville, St Clair County and Southern Illinois.

We will go through your plan with you and provide detailed advice on the probate process and how you can comprehensively change your wills and powers of attorney to reflect your new life changes so that your end of life wishes will be honored. We will provide essential review and revision of estate plan documents.

Probate law is too important to leave to those who don’t deal with it daily. While your personal injury lawyer or malpractice attorney might be great at what he does, he might not catch nuances that you need addressed.

To schedule an appointment with our skilled probate lawyers in Belleville, Illinois, please contact the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. at 888-449-9575.

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