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Creating A Parenting Time Arrangement That Works

Fight for Child CustodyWe understand that parenting time issues, which were formerly referred to as visitation, are emotional and that objectivity can be elusive. At the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. in Belleville, Illinois, we are sensitive to these issues. We will help your family find the best possible parenting time arrangement for your specific situation.As more families consider mediation services, the process of determining parenting responsibility allocation and/or parenting time plans has made some great advances. When both parents have the opportunity to candidly discuss their concerns and goals, it is more likely they will reach an agreement on their own that they will both honor.

Did One Parent Violate The Agreement?

After a parenting time agreement has been breached by either parent, a citation may be issued. We defend parents who feel that the violation of the parenting time agreement was due to an unsafe or unhealthy situation with the other parent.

Through a process of investigation, as well as possible mediation and the advice of experts, we work to determine the issues and how they can be corrected. When necessary, our lawyers will take the case to court to have the parenting time agreement amended.

If the parents are still unable to agree, we utilize third-party exchange centers to safely and peacefully transfer the child between parents.

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