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Family Law in Belleville, IL And the Father Figure

Co Parenting Tips For Divorced DadsAs a father going through divorce in the Belleville, IL area, you’ll probably have some major concerns about your future relationship with your child or children.

Your success as a father is important to you, so there’s no better time than now to learn more about co-parenting. Even if your ex-spouse has physical custody of your child, there are things you can do to maintain a healthy and strong relationship.

Here are five co-parenting tips that will help you succeed:

  • Don’t always think about yourself. Sure, you have to do what’s best for you at times, but you also need to put yourself in your ex-spouse’s shoes every now and again. Co-parenting is all about everyone being on the same page at the same time, so don’t hesitate to practice empathy.
  • Be flexible. You need to follow the details of your parenting agreement, but there will be times when being open and flexible is a must. For example, if your ex-spouse needs to keep your child for an extra hour before your visit, don’t fight back. As long as this doesn’t become a long-term problem, it’s okay to remain flexible.
  • Find a communication strategy that works. Will you communicate face to face, via text or over the phone? Effective communication is a must, as this helps both parents do what’s best for the child.
  • Pick your battles. There will be times when you don’t agree with your ex, but that doesn’t mean you should start an argument. You need to be selective in regard to when and how you push back. By understanding the terms put down during divorce mediation, you’ll know if a line was crossed that needs to be addressed properly.
  • Enjoy your down time. It’s not always easy to spend time away from your child, but as a divorced father this will be a way of life. Find a way to enjoy your time without your child.

There is nothing easy about co-parenting after divorce, but these tips can help you feel better about the decisions you’re making.

As long as you and your ex are willing to abide by the parenting agreement, you shouldn’t run into too many co-parenting issues. And if you do, it may be time to learn more about family law, divorce mediation, and your legal rights and the action you can take.

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