Skilled Family Law Mediators

At the Wilson, Dabler & Associates, L.L.C. in Illinois, we are proud to offer the services of two professional family law mediators. We have been mediating parental responsibility allocation cases (formerly referred to as child custody cases) since 1993, giving us in-depth insight into this area of practice.We also stay abreast of cutting-edge developments such as the possibility of using collaborative mediation instead of traditional mediation.

The Many Benefits Of Mediation

Over the years, mediation has been proven to be very beneficial in many ways. For many people, it tends to:

  • Save money — Mediation is often far less expensive than a contested hearing in court. Plus, both parties split the mediator’s hourly rate, which makes it even less costly than hiring separate lawyers.
  • Save time — Mediation is typically far quicker than litigation. You may have to wait a long time for a court hearing, but you can schedule mediation sessions whenever they work for you. In fact, at our law firm, we offer a very flexible appointment schedule so that parents rarely have to take time off work to attend the mediation sessions. We offer both daytime and evening appointments.
  • Offer more control — Instead of entrusting the outcome of the case to a random judge who doesn’t know you or your family, mediation gives you the opportunity to craft an agreement that you can live with.
  • Minimize stress — You will get a chance to talk in a controlled environment with a professional skilled in family law matters, making the process more informal and less adversarial than litigation. Minimizing the conflict makes it easier on you and your children alike.
  • Develop communication skills — Mediation can also help you learn to communicate better and with less hostility, which can be important when you have years of co-parenting ahead of you.

Learn More About Our Services

Belleville Illinois Divorce MediationIf appointed by the court, our mediators will seek to help you reach a resolution that brings closure and allows you to move past the marriage or paternity relationship to a healthy future. However, our office will not be able to be both a mediator and an attorney representing one of the parties, as this is a conflict.

To learn more about our services in this area, please call our Belleville office today at 888-449-9575, or contact us online.

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